Clevenger Opens California Office:

As a part of a recovering economy, corporate and hospitality design needs in California continue to grow and develop. To achieve various client requests, Tony Clevenger recognizes this as an opportune time to reestablish the company in the Golden State. Clevenger states: “There is no substitute for having staff available for meeting attendance, satisfying unexpected client requests and building professional relationships”. The present opportunity is possible after reaching an agreement with a remarkable individual who will head up the division.

The office will be managed by Roxanne Hillbish, a veteran within the foodservice industry in the West for almost three decades. Roxanne brings extensive experience in managing projects from design conception to construction completion. This division is excited to carry on Clevenger Associates tradition of partnering with architects, owners and operators to create profitable food and beverage facilities successful by all measures.

“With their great reputation here, I’m grateful and excited to have joined Clevenger Associates,” said Roxanne Hillbish. “I look forward to utilizing my background and experience in growing the California office, while continuing to deliver the Clevenger vision.”

More About Clevenger Associates:

Since its inception forty years ago, Clevenger Associates has grown to be a premier international food service and laundry design consulting organization with offices in Washington, New York and the Philippines. The firm’s expertise is in both the commercial and institutional arenas. Its diversity keeps the company in touch with the latest trends in food preferences, equipment, development, utility conservation and techniques in food handling.

The company brings to clients experience learned from literally hundreds of successful facilities design around the globe. On every continent are facilities where its “heart of the house” solutions help operators keep costs in line. Clientele includes many outstanding operators, developers and architects.

The firm offers a wide scope of consulting and design services. The extent of specific services provided on each project is dependent on the complement of the design team. Typically the company’s experts participate in the evaluation of appropriate food service concepts and prepare space programs covering both public and back of the house areas. These programs are then translated into layouts and plans to support the rest of the design team. Details and specifications are prepared to competitively purchase then fabricate food and beverage equipment. Support through installation including punch lists is provided.

  • Imaginative design solutions reflecting many options unveiled by the firm’s extensive experience. The company is sensitive to collective input of the design team, functional needs of the operator and the financial goals of ownership.
  • Project management, which keeps project design and construction on schedule and within budget.
  • Totally non-biased judgments in equipment selection, design and layouts. The firm’s only remuneration comes from client fees. The firm’s loyalty is to its clients.
  • Creative cutting edge concepts employing appropriate new technology as a benefit of Clevenger Associates strategic planning studios.
  • Providing new ideas – smart solutions and the latest innovations in facility design and operation management.
  • Achieving significant capital and operations savings with new technologies including Advance Food Production Systems.
  • Providing state-of-the-art research of the best possible foodservice equipment – material products and operational supplies.
  • The firm’s philosophy is the simplest design is often the best providing multi-function flexibility and cost cutting.
  • Achieving lower production cost per square foot while maintaining flexibility, practicality and maximum cost control.