Project List

Restaurants & Bars

"21" Club 
31st Street Harbor
Amichi - Italian Kitchen 30A
Amigos - Amigos Mexican 30A
601 Pennsylvania Avenue 
Bird's Food Truck | Dubuque, Iowa
Brazen Open Kitchen + Bar | Dubuque, Iowa
Bread & Vine | Dubuque, Iowa
Bronxville Field Club 
Buckhead Life Restaurant Group 
Bulldog Billiards
Bullock's | Wolfgang Puck Restaurant
Bullock's (Arizona) 
Bullock's (California) 
Cafe California 
Cafe Dodici
Carousel Center Banqueting Facility 
Casa Tequila | Tiffin, Iowa
Char House | Dubuque, Iowa
Charlotte's Coffee House | Dubuque, Iowa
Chicago Gateway
Chin Chin Restaurants
Civility & Unrest Bar | Bellevue, Washington
Coast Guard Officers Club 
Convivium Urban Farm | Dubuque, Iowa 
Copley Square Cafe 
Cottonwood Cove Restaurant
Crowne Plaza 
Darkbird Taphouse | Peosta, Iowa
Denny's Restaurants (60 Locations) 
Dick's Drive In (5 Locations)
Dunkin' Donuts 
Embers Express
Emmy Lou's  
Empress Pavilion
EPCOT Disney World
Exchange Square 
Fishmarket Restaurant 
Fox Tower Restaurant
Franchino's Restaurant 
Fresh Take
Galena Brewing Company
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company 
Hard Rock Cafe
Henry's Seafood Restaurant  
Herringbone - Hawaii 
Hooper's Choice
J. Edgar's Restaurant
Jennie's Cookery
Joe's Country Kitchen
Kalmes Breaktime
Kalmes Hilltop Food and Brew 
Keystone Resort Restaurant 
Kincaid's (Arizona)  
Kincaid's (California)  
Kincaid's (Hawaii)  
Kincaid's (Indiana)  
Kincaid's (Minneapolis)  
Kincaid's (Minnesota)  
Kincaid's (Virginia)  
Knickerbocker Club 
Kyobo Book Center 
L. May | Dubuque, Iowa 
La Pafe 
Lakehouse - Lincoln Square | Bellevue, Washington
Larchmont Yacht Club
Legal Seafoods Restaurant
Lot One | Dubuque, Iowa 
Lucky Express Chinese Restaurant 
Marushin Restaurant 
May Company 
Meriel Restaurant
Metro Grill 
M.J. Stevens Pub | Allenton, Wisconsin
Morrison Kington Restaurant | Puyallup, WA
Movenpick Restaurants    
Movenpick (Germany)   
Movenpick (Italy)
Movenpick (Switzerland) 
New York Stock Exchange Luncheon Club 
Nexus City Square Cafe
North Shore Country Club | Tacoma, Washington
Nur Jahan | Totem Lake, Washington
Odaku Konko Coffee Shop 
Orchard Beach Food Court and Pavilion 
Original Cookie Company 
Otto's Place | Galenda, Illinois
Pacific Grill | Tacoma, Washington 
Palomino (California)
Palomino (California)
Palomino (California)  
Palomino (Ohio)  
Palomino (Pennsylvania)  Panama Red's
Paper Moon Restaurant
Park Avenue Café
Peking Market Restaurant 
Perdue's Chicken Restaurant 
Pizza Deli & Salads Galore
Post Office Square Café
Pricci's Tucson Grill 
Quartet Restaurant 
Red Lion Crab House Restaurant 
Red Lion Restaurant PDX 
Rubaiyat | Decorah, Iowa 
Ryan's at Ward Centre 
Saks Fifth Avenue 
New York
San Juan
Sam's Restaurant 
Sambos Restaurant 
Sammy's Fish Box Restaurant | The Bronx, New York
Scooter's Restaurant 
Skates on The Bay 
Sparks Skateboard Park 
Spinnaker Covers | Sausalito, California
Sport City Café
Stanley & Seafort's | Tacoma, Washington
Stop 84 Restaurant 
Pike Place
Queen Anne
Streetside Bar & Grill 
Tavern-on-the-Green | New York, New York
TGI Fridays
Puyallup, WA 
Salem, OR 
Spokane, WA 
The Atlanta Fish Market 
The Gourmet Chicken 
The Point | Dubuque, Iowa
The Smokestack | Dubuque, Iowa
The Train Station
Third and Ferry
Tiffany's Table and Bakery
Torro Grill | Moscow, Russia
Tosca Italian Bakery 
Turnberry Isle Resort & Club
Vesuvius Restaurant
Victorian Manor
Williams Island Yacht Club 
Yauatcha | Hawaii 
Yogurt World 
Zanabee's (New York) 
Zanabee's (Massachusetts) 


With expertise in both the commercial and institutional arenas, its diversity keeps the company in touch with the latest concepts/trends in menus, food preferences, equipment, sustainability, utility conservation and techniques in food handling

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